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Can weapons be transported?

Transportation of weapons - sports, hunting, military and spare parts for them, as well as ammunition, is carried out only if the passenger has the relevant documents for the right to carry weapons, a travel certificate (order). Accepted for carriage only with the prior consent of Smartavia.

You must notify the airline in advance of bringing weapons. Contact the call center with a request or fill out the feedback form on the website by clicking on the "Write to us" button. Tell us what weapons you plan to transport (weight, quantity, dimensions), what ammunition (weight, quantity, dimensions).

To obtain weapons and fill out the relevant documents, you must arrive at the airport in advance, no later than 1.5 hours before your flight departure.

Weapons and ammunition count as one piece and are included in the free baggage allowance. If the fare does not provide for free baggage allowance, then payment will be calculated at the rate of an additional piece in excess of the established free baggage allowance.

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