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How to carry a bike?

The bike is considered as one piece of baggage and is included in the free baggage allowance (if your fare includes baggage), while the dimensions and weight must comply with the allowable baggage allowance.

If your fare does not provide for baggage or the number of pieces / dimensions of baggage exceeds the allowance for the fare, then it is transported for an additional fee at the rate of sports equipment.

You can arrange such transportation:

  • On the site before/after buying a ticket when choosing additional services;
  • Via call center;
  • In our sales offices;
  • At the airport of departure.

Bicycles are allowed under the following conditions:

  • The bike must be properly packed in a special paper box or protective film to prevent movement of the front wheel fork;
  • the handlebar is attached to the bike;
  • pedals detached;
  • no more than 2 pieces (frame + separately packed wheels) count as one.

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