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Ticket Refund

Once the seat(s) on flight(s) specified in the refund form have been canceled, such seats may not be rebooked or repurchased. Subject to refund are also all additional services purchased together with the ticket(s) indicated in the refund form.

Fill out the Refund Form

Due to an influx of refund requests, we are forced to extend our refund period. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Once your refund request is received, seats on the flight will be cancelled. If your ticket is Lite Fare ticket and you have chosen voluntary return, the refund cannot be made in accordance with the fare rules. You can exchange your ticket (provided that your seat is cancelled before the flight departs) through the airline's call center. Additional fees may apply.
  • If you paid for the ticket a plastic card, the refund will be made to the same plastic card.
  • Prior to the start of carriage, all unused coupons (stages) specified in the ticket will be refunded at the same time. Note: you cannot return one stage of your ticket before the start of carriage and keep the other stage if your ticket is a round-trip ticket.

Click here for full terms and conditions of refund procedure.

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