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Electronic ticket

E-ticket is a form of air ticket that replaces its paper version and makes flight booking and preparation easy and comfortable. All travel data, including record of payment by bank card, is stored in client bank and the Airline’s flight booking system. E-tickets can be easily purchased on our webpage from home or office.


  • no need to go to ticket office;
  • saved time;
  • best price guarantee;
  • possibility to buy tickets for friends and relatives;
  • you only need to present your passport, and child’s birth certificate if you are travelling with child, to check in for the flight.

An electronic ticket, just like its paper counterpart, is an official document certifying the conclusion by the passenger and the airline of air carriage agreement.

Air carriage agreement

Air carriage agreement is defined by the air legislation of the Russian Federation as an agreement under which the carrier undertakes to transport the passenger and their baggage to the destination with the provision of a seat on the aircraft. Click herefor full text of Smartavia air carriage agreement (75 Kb).

Obligatory insurance

Smartavia's civil liability, as defined in Federal Law N 67-ФЗ "Concerning the compulsory insurance of carrier’s civil liability for damage to life, health, property of passengers and concerning the procedure for compensation of damage caused to passengers during transportation by metro" dd. 14.06.2012, is insured under Comprehensive Aviation Liability Insurance Contract No.20 AVK0077/275-H3-20 dd. 11.06.2020 with Joint Stock Company SOGAZ (Gas Industry Insurance Company).

Insurance contract validity term: 11.06.2020 to 10.06.2021.

According to the provisions of the above agreement, SOGAZ JSC provides insurance protection of the airline's property interests related to compensation of damages to life, health or property of passengers during the operation of the aircraft, when performing air transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail, or performing aviation works on the aircraft.

In case of the occurrence of an event with characteristics of the insured event, the passenger involved (beneficiary) may exercise their right to receive insurance compensation by apply directly to SOGAZ JSC.

Insurer: Akademik Sakharov Ave., 107078, Moscow, Russia
Postal address: 10 Akademik Sakharov Ave., 107078, Moscow, Russia
T: +7 (495) 739-21-40, 8 (800) 333-08-88 (24/7)
E-mail address: sogaz@sogaz.ru


Documents required for entry/departure to/from the Russian Federation

The official information about such documents is available from the consulate of the country you are flying to. The responsibility for proper execution of documents, as well as for compliance with laws, rules and regulations applicable in the country from/via/to which the carriage is intended, lies with the passenger.

When going on an air trip, make sure you have on you your passport with visa stamp (for Russian citizens traveling within Russia – internal passport), air ticket (electronic (itinerary receipt) or paper ticket) and other documents as may be required for entry/departure to/from the country.

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law "Concerning the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation”, representatives of the carrier's airline or an organization duly authorized by it have the right to require passengers to present valid identity documents in order verify availability of visas or other permits as may be required for entering a foreign country.

The airline reserves the right to deny access to passengers with documents inconsistent with requirements.

Reporting-related documents

For financial reporting purposes, please keep your boarding pass and itinerary receipt. Please note that cash receipts are not issued, nor lost boarding passes can be replaced with their copies. According to RF Ministry of Transport Order N 117 dd. 18.05.2010 and letter of the RF Ministry of Finance No. 03-03-06/1/649 dd. 07.09.2007, the itinerary receipt enclosed with boarding pass constitutes a confirmation of flight for reporting purposes.

Electronic itinerary receipt and luggage receipt (an extract from the automated information system for air transportation registration) is classified as a strict accounting document and is used for effecting by businesses or individual entrepreneurs of cash payments and/or cashless payments without the use of cash registers settlements.

Flight confirmation

Documents confirming your taking a flight with us can be ordered on our website or Smartavia ticket offices Please fill out the online form or apply Smartavia office.

List of documents for ticket purchase

  1. Passport (Russian internal passport for RF and CIS-countries residents; passport for travelling abroad; diplomatic passport; service passport; seaman's passport, if ship's role is available (please see below).
  2. Military ID card (conscripted or contracted soldiers, navy officers, sergeants and master sergeants, with relevant service record).
  3. Birth certificate (for passengers under 14).
  4. For foreigners, individuals destitute of nationality and refugees:
    • national passport;
    • stateless person certificate;
    • RF residence permit;
    • certificate of return to the CIS countries (CIS citizens who have lost their documents, will be issued, by the consular offices of the CIS countries in the Russian Federation, relevant certificates of return, which are valid only for returning to the country of citizenship or permanent residence).

Passport equivalent identity documents:

  1. ID documents issued to members of the Federation Council of the RF Federal Assembly or RF State Duma ID (valid during the term of powers).
  2. IDs of Russian military personnel (officers, warrant officers and midshipmen).
  3. Temporary identity card issued by Departments of Interior in case of loss or replacement of passport (Form 9 for RF nationals travelling within the RF).
  4. Certificate of release from places of detention (if passenger has been released from places of imprisonment).
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