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What can I take in addition to hand luggage free of charge?

In addition to hand luggage, you can take the following items free of charge:

  • ladies' bag, a briefcase (intended for transporting papers and documents) or a backpack measuring 30x25x7 cm and weighing up to 3 kg;
  • outerwear;
  • flower bouquet;
  • suit in portlet;
  • photo or video equipment;
  • laptop or tablet without case;
  • an umbrella or cane umbrella, except for a beach umbrella;
  • baby food in the amount that your child will need during the flight;
  • Purchases from Duty Free shops at the airport, which must be packed in a special sealed plastic bag measuring 30x25x7 cm and weighing up to 2 kg;
  • a device to carry a child, such as cradle, restraint systems for children under 2, baby buggy etc.;
  • medications and special dietary products in the amount necessary for the flight;
  • crutches, canes and other devices that are used to get to the side of the aircraft, such as walkers, foldable wheelchairs and rollators.
  • a travel pillow for your neck.
The dimensions of the things from the list are limited by the safety of placing them on board the aircraft, they must be placed under the seat in front of the seat or in the luggage rack. Usually things sized 40x30x20 cm can fit under the seat and on the shelf.
Exception: Backpack, Duty Free items (sizes shown above), cane umbrella, walking stick, crutches, suit in portlet (no size limit).

See more details on how to transport each item. Click on the item you want.

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