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Can I bring hairspray/deodorant/perfume?

You can take hairspray, deodorant and perfume with you in your hand luggage. It is important to remember that these products belong to liquids, and must be packed in containers up to 100 ml. The total volume of all liquids in your hand luggage should not exceed 1 liter. In addition, products should not be classified as flammable chemical products. Usually, such products depict a flammable symbol. For example, on aerosol hairspray, you may find such a symbol.

If you prefer to carry these items in luggage, then here the restrictions on the volume of containers are removed. The main thing is that the products do not fall into the category of flammable goods.

With these points in mind, you can enjoy your favourite self-care products while travelling, without having to worry about any obstacles along the way.

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