Events March 21, 2024

Smartavia is 5 years old!

Celebrating the birthday of the Smartavia brand
Events March 1, 2024

New Smart Up subscription options

Spring update of benefits and new tariff for subscription holders.
Events December 22, 2023

Sale of tickets for the summer season has opened

Regular flights according to the summer schedule will start on March 31, 2024.
Events December 1, 2023

First flight to Arkhangelsk

On the evening of November 30, the first Smartavia flight landed in the capital of Pomorie after a major overhaul of the runway.
Events March 23, 2023

Switching to summer flight schedule

Wide geography of flights in Russia
Events November 25, 2022

Sale for yours! Started!

Cheaper: tickets from 590 rubles for winter and spring flights

Events November 24, 2022

Closed Sale! We start at midnight

Tickets from 590 rubles! November 25 - Sale for Smart Up subscribers only

Events October 31, 2022

Switched to winter flight schedule

Choose your ideal winter itinerary. Tickets from 790 rubles
Events September 26, 2022

Low prices for flights in October and October

Hurry up to buy air tickets at competitive prices to your favorite destinations.

Events August 31, 2022

We extend! It's just a sale

These are just tickets from 590 rubles for autumn and winter flights

Events August 30, 2022

Sale Early Access Open!

Tickets from 590 rubles! The sale is already underway for Smart Up subscribers

Events August 29, 2022

Opened winter flight schedule

Book tickets for autumn and winter now at competitive rates