Events August 10, 2022

Additional flights

More flights in August and September from Moscow and St. Petersburg

Events July 28, 2022

Started! Smartavia sale for everyone

Don't overpay for tickets! We have them from 590 rubles to all destinations for September and October

Events July 27, 2022

Sale Early Access Open!

Save on tickets. For Smart Up subscribers, tickets from 590 rubles are already on the site

Events February 24, 2022

Smartavia statement

Temporary restriction of flights to a number of airports in the south of Russia

Events February 9, 2022

We are resuming flights to Baku

Flights from St. Petersburg to Baku start in March and are available for booking

Events February 8, 2022

Launched! Smart Up is now on sale

A whole package of benefits on just one Smart Up subscription

Events June 3, 2021

Children's bicycles and kick scooters fly free

Little passengers can take their street vehicles onboard at no extra cost

Events June 2, 2021

Weekend in Two Capitals

Regular connection between Moscow and St. Petersburg to be launched on June 11

Events May 28, 2021

Let’s Fly to Saratov! Ticket price starts from RUB 1,830

Direct flights from Moscow to Saratov to start on June 10

Events May 26, 2021

Onboard meals on flights from Murmansk

Inflight meal service is now available on flights departing from Murmansk

Events May 25, 2021

From St. Petersburg to Arkhangelsk. Prices start from RUB 1,390

We operate up to four flights daily

Events March 25, 2021

Smartavia updates its fare plan

We are glad to introduce new fares and options for hand and check-in luggage