Launched! Smart Up is now on sale

Events February 8, 2022

Dear friends, we have launched it! Our new Smart Up product is already on sale!

Our unique Smart Up subscription comes with guaranteed discounts on airline tickets and luggage, early access to Smartavia sales, exclusive access to private offers, and special support to stay connected at all times. And that’s not all. There will soon be more awesome bonuses from our partners.

But the most important thing is that this entire package of Smart Up benefits applies not only to your air tickets, but also those of your closest ones. For the first time in Russia, we offer group subscription to discounts for families, groups of friends and teams.

Smart Up subscription is available at two rates – “1+1” (Standard Subscription) and “1+3” (Group Subscription). If you have one steady travel partner, the optimal rate is “1+1”, while if you are travelling with your good old company use “1+3” to activate discounts for as many as four passengers.

Smart Up subscription is already available on our website. To sign up, log into your Smartavia account, choose subscription rate, enter the information about the fellow travelers you like best to travel together, and pay for the subscription. The subscription will be activated instantly, and relevant confirmation letter will be sent to your email address.

Use your Smart Up subscription anytime you book tickets to travel in a more cost-effective way. We have no doubt that your subscription will pay off incredibly quickly, perhaps as early as your second flight with us! Find out how.

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