New heights of style from Smartavia

Events April 4, 2024

Smartavia begins the summer flight season with a new look: from April 4, all crews and ground service employees will change into new uniforms.

When creating a new form, we used a smart approach, which underlies the company's philosophy. Its key components are uniqueness, technology and a client approach based on constant work with feedback. We have created a flexible network of affordable tariffs and always strive to minimize costs. We offer passengers unique services - be it a Smart Up subscription for air travelers, a wide and varied pre-order menu for food and drinks, or the IFE WOW in-flight entertainment system. Therefore, for our employees, we have created a bright uniform with unique details - modern, comfortable and reliable.

Bright and memorable color

In the new uniform design, we used the bright and recognizable Smartavia colors: rich and deep purple, coral, turquoise.

Great accents are found in all products:

  • colored pleated inserts with a unique print on blouses and dresses, replacing outdated neckerchiefs;
  • colored loops on the lapels and sleeves of jackets;
  • new tie with stylized airline logo
  • contrast piping on the stretch lining of jackets.

Comfort comes first

We became the first airline in Russia to include specially designed sneakers with orthopedic insoles in the uniform set: this is an important innovation for employees who spend most of their time on their feet. Our colleagues tested more than 10 different models to ultimately choose the most convenient ones.

The cut of skirts and trousers is designed in such a way as not to hamper movement: for example, the skirts have a special fold that does not disrupt the silhouette, but at the same time gives more space for a step. The trousers are tapered at the bottom: this makes the classic look more modern and goes well with sneakers.

All this allows employees to perform their duties as efficiently as possible throughout the working day in the sky and on the ground.

Reliability and durability

We paid special attention to the selection of high-quality and durable materials. The fabrics and accessories went through serious testing: we wanted to be sure that the uniform fabric would not pill, fade, or deform during daily wear. We made 10 samples, which were worn, washed, dried and ironed by our staff for 3 months before choosing the best options. The sneakers are also made of wear-resistant leather, which allows you to maintain the good appearance of the shoes for a long time.

The new uniform reflects the current values of the company - reliability, lightness and brightness, because every employee who works with passengers every day is the face and an important element of the Smartavia brand. We are an airline for active and independent travelers who value choice. With the new uniform collection, we are strengthening our position as an innovative carrier offering customers quality at affordable prices with unique smart services.


We decided to present the new uniform in video format. Professional dancers took part in the filming and showed by their own example how comfortable and free one can feel even in uniform. The dancers are dressed in the same sets that our colleagues will wear, they are wearing the same sneakers. Experience freedom of movement and new heights of Smartavia style on our Youtube channel.

Interesting facts

  • We dressed 600 people in uniform, spent 5,400 meters of fabric and 7,200 buttons on all this! And we bought 850 pairs of sneakers.
  • Attentive viewers may have already noticed the new form in the advertising video “This is Smartavia” : in the last scene, the flight attendant is our real colleague! — wearing sneakers and a new uniform, hands water to passengers.
  • The new uniform was also featured in the Smartavia calendar for 2024, which we made for the company’s partners and representative offices. At the end of last year we photographed two beautiful flight attendants in their new uniforms, and then decided that the photos turned out too good to keep them under lock and key. As a result, these photos ended up on the calendar.