Pre-ordering in-flight meals has become even more convenient!

Events April 9, 2024

We have reduced the time it takes to make a decision about ordering food from the usual 24 hours to 5 and 12 hours for some destinations. While not all menu items are available for “late” ordering, you will definitely find the most popular ones, including tea or coffee with chocolate, and children’s lunches. For convenience, we have marked such dishes with a special “Late Order” icon in the "Menu" section on our website.

The option of “late” ordering of in-flight meals is available on the following flights:

Order 5 hours before departure
5N251, 5N1551, 5N1561, 5N207, 5N237, 5N253, 5N275, 5N276, 5N283, 5N293, 5N1293, 5N295, 5N296, 5N501, 5N 520, 5N521, 5N527, 5N541, 5N545, 5N547, 5N551, 5N561, 5N571, 5N573, 5N577, 5N583, 5N587, 5N591, 5N593
Order 12 hours before departure
5N146, 5N148, 5N150, 5N152, 5N227, 5N269, 5N279, 5N297, 5N308 (3308), 5N503, 5N505, 5N507, 5N509, 5N511, 5N513 , 5N517, 5N531, 5N533, 5N537, 5N539, 5N581, 5N1208, 5N1542, 5N1572, 5N175, 5N208, 5N238, 5N254, 5N284, 5N294, 5N502, 5N528, 5N529, 5N542, 5N572, 5N574, 5N578, 5N584, 5N588, 5N592 , 5N594.