We are flying into the high season!

Events April 1, 2024

Smartavia has switched to a summer schedule, which will be valid until October 26, 2024.

During this period, we will operate regular flights from Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg) on 20 routes with different frequencies - from three to twenty-one flights per week. These will be traditional routes from St. Petersburg to Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Syktyvkar, Kaliningrad, Samara, Kazan, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Perm, etc. New flights to Nizhny-Novgorod, as well as Krasnoyarsk, will remain on the summer schedule. Among the southern destinations, flights to Sochi and Mineralnye Vody are planned.

The summer schedule will also include flights from Sheremetyevo Airport (Moscow) to 11 destinations. Flights will be operated traditionally to Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Ulan-Ude. The schedule will also include flights to popular destinations - Kaliningrad, Kazan, Makhachkala and Sochi. Flights from Sheremetyevo will connect Moscow with Novosibirsk and Tomsk.

As always, we pay special attention to transportation to the Black Sea coast of the country. Thus, from Sochi we will operate regular direct flights to 15 destinations with different frequencies: to Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Perm, Syktyvkar, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Orenburg and Arkhangelsk.

— We will promote the airline’s unique product in the upcoming “high season.” This is what distinguishes us in the air transportation market from its other players - a combination of fares at affordable prices, a high level of passenger service with the ability to choose the travel format - and makes the airline even more attractivesaid Sergey Chernyshev, CEO of Smartavia airline .

During the upcoming “high season”, we are also preparing to operate subsidized flights within the framework of federal and regional programs. Thus, Smartavia will operate subsidized flights on the routes Arkhangelsk-Naryan-Mar (with a frequency of 2 flights per week), as well as Chelyabinsk-Kaliningrad with a frequency of 1 time per week (according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1242 of December 25, 2013).