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Where will my child fly with the «Unaccompanied children» service?

We are always happy to welcome young travelers on board our flights. When registering an unaccompanied child, it is always important for our attentive reception staff to choose the most cozy and interesting place for the baby. We try to place him at the window and no further than the sixth row, so that he can enjoy the beautiful views during the flight and can also easily turn to our experienced flight attendants if necessary.

Our staff also takes care that your child does not sit near emergency exits, kitchens or toilets, so that he can have a quiet and safe time during the flight.

If there are other unaccompanied children on board, we always try to accommodate them together so that they can feel more confident and comfortable. If possible, we will place them on the same row, because this way they will be able to share their impressions.

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