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I want to return the ticket. How to do it?

  1. If the ticket is purchased on our official website or through the airline's call center, then fill out the form to issue a ticket return. It is recommended to make sure that the ticket can be returned and check the terms of your tariff on the website before applying for a refund.
  2. Tickets of the Smart Light and Smart tariff groups are not refundable. After the removal of seats, the possibility of exchanging a ticket with a fee for another date during the expiration date of the ticket remains (the expiration date of the ticket and the amount of the fee depends on the tariff rules).
  3. If the ticket is purchased from the airline's sales office, agency or third-party website, contact the place of purchase of the ticket.

We recommend that you withdraw seats on the flight in advance for a refund.

Tip from an Experienced Traveler
Removal of seats is a refusal to transport with further cancellation of the seat. It is confirmation that you will not fly on this flight. You can rent a place in any official communication channel in the airline.

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