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We are flying with the children, will they put us together?

We are determined to create the most comfortable conditions for you and want your little traveler to be near you during the flight. Therefore, we take all possible measures to accommodate one adult passenger and together the next small traveler under 12 years old. We recommend making a decision on which of the adults the child will sit next to at the registration and inform our employee about this before submitting documents.

The possibility of joint seating of all family members is determined by several criteria:

  • availability of free seats on board the aircraft;
  • subject to safety standards. For example, if you are traveling with an infant under 2 years old who is on his lap (without a separate place), then the place will be determined taking into account the number of oxygen masks on a certain row. After all, the safety of every passenger is our priority.

Based on this, we recommend that you arrive at the airport by the beginning of check-in for a more comfortable accommodation on board the aircraft. Also, to be sure that your family can sit together, we recommend that you arrange a service in advance «Seat selection» when buying a ticket or using My reservations.

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