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The passport is changing. The ticket was bought for the old one. Can I fly with my old passport?

In order for your journey to pass with maximum comfort and not be spoiled by a misunderstanding due to refusal to transport, you need to change the data on the ticket.

According to the law the passenger's flight is carried out according to the current document, and the document that has been replaced automatically loses this fact of action. The mark on the previously valid document is not equivalent to the document itself. It is quite easy to make a change to the ticket. First, check if you have more than 48 hours left before departure, then feel free to fill out the form on the site. If less than 48 hours are left before departure, then it is recommended to make a change through the call center or in fact at the airport.

The change service is provided on a paid basis. Be sure to read the terms of service before completing the procedure.

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