Smartavia updates its fare plan

Events March 25, 2021

With the start of its summer schedule, Smartavia is switching to a new line of economy class fares. The three new fares, Smart Light, Smart and Smart Pro, will be available for flights starting from 28 March 2021.

The updates pertain mainly to free baggage allowance: the dimensions of hand luggage across all brand groups now have a unified Smartsize of 40x30x20 cm, while the sum of the three sides of check-in baggage is now up to 203 cm, instead of 158 cm.

«These changes will allow us to reduce the turnaround time and minimize delays that can be caused by passengers taking long time to stow their cabin bags in overhead compartments. With cabin luggage of a more compact size, the stowing of bags under seats and in overhead bins can be faster and the pre-flight preparations will thus take less time,», - said Sergey Chernyshev, Smartavia Executive Director.

Smartavia’s updated fare plan has an expanded range of baggage allowance options, as well as ticket re-issue and return options. This greater flexibility is designed to allow passengers, whether traveling alone, with a family or as part of a group, for vacation or for business, to choose air travel services based on their needs.

One fare offering a most optimal set of services that will suit the needs of the majority of travelers is Smart, with hand luggage allowance of max. 10 kg (40x30x20 cm) and one piece of check-in luggage up to 23 kg (203 cm in the sum of three dimensions) with you on the flight. In case of change of plans, Smart fare tickets can be re-issued for another time or date for a service fee

Alongside with the fare group, the updates have been made by us to options for the excess baggage, one of the most popular additional service. With the start of our summer schedule, Extra Baggage service – excess baggage up to 10 kg and up to 23 kg, among other options – is now available from our sales offices and agents. Previously, excess baggage up to 10 kg was only available on our website:

Online payment benefit

Using or Smartavia call center to pay for your excess baggage allows you to pay as late as 24 hours before the flight departure.

For more information about Smartavia fare plan visit.

Plan your hand and checked-in luggage in advance, depart on time and at no extra cost.