The new in-flight catering menu is already on the website

Articles September 29, 2023

We have updated the in-flight catering menu available for pre-order: now passengers on Smartavia flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg* have access to a large selection of cold appetizers, several types of hot dishes, breakfasts, desserts and special meals.

For those with a sweet tooth, we have added four types of mousse desserts, and for those watching their figure - poke and Caesar salad. The breakfasts familiar to many have become available: cheesecakes, porridge, hearty and sweet pancakes. Special lunches have also appeared on the menu: vegetarian, halal and kosher. Lunch includes an appetizer or salad, main course and dessert. Everything for a complete lunch is top notch!

All new items can be added to the booking both at the stage of purchasing an air ticket and after. The main thing is to be in time before online check-in begins.

You can explore new products and choose something for your next flight in the updated section "On-board meals. Menu»

*The new menu is not available on all flights. See the full list on our website.