Winter Flights On Sale!

Events September 8, 2020

Smartavia Airlines is pleased to announce that its regular flights scheduled for autumn and winter season are available for early booking. Our autumn-winter flight schedule spans the period from October 25, 2020 to March 27, 2021. Use your chance to book flights early at better prices staring at RUB 1,905. 1

Our new seasonal schedule offers the most popular flights departing from Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Murmansk, among other Russian cities.

In the coming winter, Smartavia will be operating the flights from Arkhangelsk to Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) and Saint Petersburg, from Murmansk and Syktyvkar to Saint Petersburg, and from Naryan-Mar to Arkhangelsk and Saint Petersburg.

Pulkovo Airport will remain the hub for the majority of our winter schedule flights – to Samara (11 flights per week), Rostov-on-Don (3 flights per week) and Kazan (4 flights per week).

Passengers starting from Domodedovo Airport may book flights to Samara (4 flights a week), Rostov-on-don (7 flights a week) and Orenburg (4 flights a week).

Additional flights will be available on New Year’s eve and during the winter holidays, to popular destinations in Russia. Follow us on social networks and our official website.

Passengers travelling to skiing destinations may carry their sets of skiing/snowboarding equipment free on Smartavia flights. In addition to their main baggage, each passenger is allowed one set of equipment, in a case or bag, weighing up to 23 kg (1 piece; the size limits for checked baggage do not apply).

Tickets are available for booking on our official website, via call center +7 800 200 00 55 (звонок по России бесплатный) or ticket offices.

1 Minimum price of one-way ticket, fuel surcharge included, per adult passenger on Moscow – Rostov-on-Don route, may vary depending on ticket availability.