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How to transport ski equipment?

We pay special attention to the comfort of our passengers.

For lovers of skiing, one set of ski equipment is allowed free of charge, which must be packed in one common or two separate cases.

The set of ski equipment includes: skis, poles, boots, helmet or snowboard, boots, helmet.

At the rate of the Smart Light group, equipment is transported paid.

You can arrange transportation:

  • On the site before/after buying a ticket when choosing additional services;
  • Via call center;
  • In our sales offices;
  • At the airport of departure.

If there is any doubt about the content of the ski equipment set or the items included in it, the airline or authorized persons will check the luggage. In case of discovery of things that are not related to ski equipment, the passenger is obliged to pay for their transportation on the terms stipulated by the air transportation agreement.

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