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About Program

Airline Smartavia ” invites you to join the Passenger Loyalty Program Smartavia, which provides you an unique opportunity:

  • to get 500 welcoming bonus miles;
  • to accumulate bonus and status miles for flights with Smartavia;
  • to book award air tickets on the Airline’s website www.flysmartavia.com both for yourself and your family members or friends;
  • to receive news and offers from Smartavia on a regular basis;
  • to become a holder of Classic or VIP member card when travelling with Smartavia.

Each participant of the Passenger Loyalty Program Smartavia will earn miles for his\her travel by Smartavia flights (JSC “Nordavia”) subject to direction and fare paid. Upon accumulating of certain number of miles you will get an award air ticket as bonus.

To become the participant of the Passenger Loyalty Program Smartavia you should complete the form on the website. Your passport data are necessary for registration in the Program. After the registration on the website the Participant will be assigned an individual account and a card number in the Passenger Loyalty Program Smartavia. The participant can print a temporary card and use it until he\she obtains Classic plastic card of Participant.

When buying air tickets for Smartavia scheduled flights you have to present the Program Participant Card. More detailed information you can get 7 days per week 24 hours per day in My Profile area on the website , and from 08.30 up to 16.30 on working days by phone (818-2) 21-88-12 and by e-mail: miles@flysmartavia.com

Program Participation Rules

  1. Any person over 14 years old may become a participant of the Passenger Loyalty Program Smartavia. Participation in the Program is free of charge and individual for each passenger.
  2. To become a Program Participant you should complete the registration form on the website and obtain the number of your personal account.
  3. A participant may be registered in the Program only once.
  4. The Participant is responsible for timely notification of any change in the surname, passport data, address, telephone number and other contact information.
  5. The Participant’s Registration Date is the date when the Participant is assigned a number of the Program personal account.
  6. Joining the Passenger Loyalty Program the Participant agrees to transfer/process his personal data to/at Smartavia (JSC “Nordavia”), gives consent to Smartavia (JSC “Nordavia”) and its authorized representatives in automated or non-automated mode, to receive, collect, systematize, accumulate, store, verify (update, modify), use or otherwise process (including in electronic form) personal data specified in the Passenger Loyalty Program membership application and also to transfer this personal data to Smartavia partners for the purposes of running the Program. The consent is given for the period of participation in the Passenger Loyalty Program Smartavia and shall be in force for the period up to 5 (five) years after the year of the Program participation termination, and such consent may be at any time withdrawn by written notice.
  7. s will be charged to a participant for travels on scheduled flights 5N since the date of the registration in the program.
  8. Smartavia (JSC “Nordavia”) reserves the right to reject further participation in the Program to a Participant violating the Program Rules.

Earn Miles

  1. An individual account shall be set up for each Participant.
  2. 500 welcoming miles shall be credited to the participant’s account upon registration in the program.
  3. Miles shall be credited to the Participant as a percent of actual distance in miles between departure and arrival airports and on the basis of the fare specified on the air ticket, according to the established miles accrual table published on the site page “How to earn miles”.
  4. The Participant’s account cannot be assigned, sold or bequeathed to any third parties.
  5. Only air tickets for scheduled flights of Smartavia participate in the Program.
  6. Miles shall be credited to the Participant’s account within 3 days after the flight completed provided that the card number is entered into booking file and the Participant’s personal data on the air ticket (full name and card number) are the same as the data entered into the Registration Form.
  7. Participant shall check up its personal account and the correct number of credited miles in its My Profile page of the Program Participant. In case information on any completed flights is missing on its personal account, the participant may apply to charge unrecorded miles through special application form on its My Profile page of the website. Please, note that miles shall be credited to your personal account after verification. The application processing period may take up to 45 days.
  8. Claims for charge of unrecorded miles earned for flights with 5N qualifying for miles charging are accepted for consideration within 6 months after the flight date.

Award receipt

  1. By award is meant an award air ticket for scheduled flight of 5N.
  2. Miles cannot be transferred from one Participant’s personal account to the other participant’s account.
  3. Whether an award is granted depends on the type of award, the flight date, seasonal flight program and the point of destination. Smartavia does not guarantee any award granting at any certain time.
  4. The number of miles to be debited from the personal account for granting an award shall be calculated by applying data on the destination points as published in the Awards Table on the site page “How to use miles”.
  5. All miles to be used for receipt of any certain award shall be debited from one Participant’s personal account. Miles debiting from several accounts for payment of a certain award is not permitted.
  6. An Award air ticket for scheduled flights of 5N can be booked and issued by the program Participant by its own on the website www.flysmartavia.com. The appropriate number of miles shall be debited from the Participant’s personal account, and additionally a fuel fee will be charged.
    Participant may apply an award both for himself and for any other person designated by him. Issued awards cannot be reissued, transferred and/or assigned to any other person.
  7. Miles shall not be credited for flight under award air tickets.
  8. Open date award air ticket is not allowed.
  9. Participant is responsible for payment of all airport charges, fuel fee, other taxes and charges imposed by other government authorities.
  10. Award air ticket is not subject to sale, exchange for any other award or miles.


  1. Smartavia (JSC “Nordavia”) reserves the right to change the whole or part of the Program at any time both by prior notice and without it. Changes shall come into effect after placing appropriate information on the website www.flysmartavia.com on page “Passenger Loyalty Program”
  2. Smartavia (JSC “Nordavia”) may change the route network and flights schedule at any time, and change and/or exclude any fares, awards or services from the Program. All changes will be available for participants on the website www.flysmartavia.com on page “Passenger Loyalty Program”.
  3. Participants of the program shall follow the Program Rules and comply with time periods specified by the program. Participant shall periodically check the Program Rules for changes made.

Legal Liability of Parties

  1. Legal relations between Smartavia (JSC “Nordavia”) and Program Participants shall be governed by these Rules, General rules for passenger and baggage air carriage of 5N, which are published on the website www.flysmartavia.com, and Air Carriage Agreement. In so far as any matters are not regulated by the aforementioned regulatory documents and Carriage Rules of 5N, the relations between Smartavia (JSC “Nordavia”) and the Program Participants shall be governed by applicable law of the Russian Federation with account of conflict of laws principles. In case the provisions of Smartavia (JSC”Nordavia”) Rules and regulations are incompatible with the applicable law, the laws of the Russian Federation shall prevail.
  2. All possible disputers arising out of the Program shall be resolved in the Russian Federation, Arkhangelsk city, airport Arkhangelsk.

The full version of the Passenger Loyalty Program Rules is available in PDF format.

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