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Business Travel

Consider the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation under Corporate Services Agreement and join our online B2B sales program CAPITAL.

CAPITAL offers corporate clients a convenient mode of payment and ticketing for any of Smartavia’s regular flights. Additionally, clients are free to choose one of the following bonuses:

  • special fare;
  • award tickets;
  • account settlement discounts.

Benefits of cooperation:

  • in the interest of time and convenience, the corporate agreement under CAPITAL program allows easy confirmation of ticket without leaving your office;
  • special fares on tickets for all regular flights of the Airline;
  • award tickets for regular flights operated by Smartavia;
  • invoice discount on regular flights operated by Smartavia;
  • cashless payment;
  • all our Loyalty Program members are free to accumulate miles and are granted an award Smartavia flight ticket as a bonus;
  • possibility to purchase tickets for both domestic and international regular flights that are operated by other Russian and international airlines using all fares as may be published by the above companies;
  • access to the Airline’s official airfare discounts;
  • CAPITAL allows online tracking of movement on account;
  • personalized service specific of the nature of your business.

If you find our offer benefitting, please fill out the form below for our Corporate Sales expert to contact you for further details of cooperation.

Corporate Sales Department
Phone number: +7 (8182) 21-87-56
Fax: +7 (8182) 21-87-61

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