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Onboard Meals

Feel free to order onboard meals for your next flight with Smartavia by booking them on flysmartavia.com, via Smartavia call center or at city agencies during ticket purchase or later.

Here is what we serve on our flights:

From/To St. Petersburg to/from Murmansk, Naryan-Mar, Syktyvkar, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Kazan, Sochi, Simferopol, Gelendzhik, Ufa. 1

From/To Simferopol to/from Syktyvkar, Murmansk, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Nizhnekamsk, Kazan, Belgorod, Ufa; from Syktyvkar to Anapa; from Belgorod to Sochi.2

From/To Arkhangelsk to/from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Naryan-Mar, Anapa, Simferopol, Sochi, Kaliningrad; from Anapa to Murmansk.3

From/To Moscow to/from Kaliningrad, Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Simferopol, Samara, Makhachkala, Vladikavkaz, Mineralnye Vody, Rostov-on-Don, Orenburg, Novosibirsk, Belgorod, Murmansk, Ulan-Ude; from Anapa to Arkhangelsk; from Simferopol to Murmansk.4

From/To Sochi to/from Kalinigrad, Moscow, Murmansk, Syktyvkar, Ivanovo, Omsk, Belgorod, Volgograd, Ufa.5

Possibility of ordering meals from other cities is currently under development.

Our onboard meals go with carbonated and still water.

1Onboard meals are available on flights operated by Smartavia 5N520, 5N1520, 5N323, 5N324, 5N503, 5N504, 5N525, 5N569, 5N526, 5N570, 5N527, 5N528, 5N531, 5N581, 5N532, 5N582, 5N535, 5N536, 5N597, 5N598, 5N543, 5N544, 5N591, 5N592, 5N595, 5N596, 5N509, 5N510, 5N511, 5N539, 5N540.

2Onboard meals are available on flights operated by Smartavia 5N407, 5N408, 5N421, 5N422, 5N423, 5N424, 5N178, 5N401, 5N402, 5N403, 5N405, 5N406, 5N417, 5N418, 5N189, 5N190, 5N882.

3Onboard meals are available on flights operated by Smartavia 5N115, 5N120, 5N145, 5N321, 5N307, 5N308, 5N3307, 5N3308, 5N187, 5N188, 5N163, 5N164, 5N175, 5N176, 5N105, 5N112, 5N322, 5N147, 5N148, 5N146.

4Onboard meals are available on flights operated by Smartavia 5N251, 5N252, 5N253, 5N254, 5N207, 5N208, 5N231, 5N232, 5N233, 5N234, 5N237, 5N239, 5N240, 5N241, 5N245, 5N246, 5N249, 5N250, 5N263, 5N264, 5N265, 5N266, 5N271, 5N272, 5N273, 5N274, 5N279, 5N280, 5N285, 5N286, 5N521, 5N522, 5N551, 5N553, 5N554, 5N557, 5N561, 5N118, 5N119, 5N259, 5N260, 5N211, 5N212, 5N219, 5N220, 5N223, 5N224, 5N238, 5N257, 5N258, 5N267, 5N268, 5N275, 5N276, 5N562, 5N1521.

5Onboard meals are available on flights operated by Smartavia 5N101, 5N102, 5N109, 5N110, 5N809, 5N810, 5N1809, 5N1810, 5N861, 5N862, 5N871, 5N872, 5N881, 5N404, 5N879, 5N880, 5N130, 5N819.

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