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I will not be able to fly due to illness/death of a relative. How to return a ticket?

  1. If the ticket was purchased at, at your own sales office or via call center of the company, to issue an involuntary ticket refund, you must fill out form.
  2. If the ticket was purchased on a third-party site or through an agency, contact the place where the ticket was purchased.

To confirm the involuntary cancellation of transportation, you must provide the relevant documents (if there are several passengers in the booking, then documents confirming the degree of relationship will be required).

Be careful, in order to return the money on the ticket, you must notify that it is impossible to fly before the flight departure and remove the seats.

You can learn more about the ticket refund policy at website.

Tip from an Experienced Traveler
Removal of seats is a refusal of transportation with further cancellation of seats. It is a confirmation that you will not fly on this flight.

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