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Can I bring multiple animals on the plane?

One pet per client is allowed in the cabin.

According to the rules of the company, animals weighing up to 12 kg together with a cage / carrier can be accepted for transportation on board the aircraft (the dimensions of the carrier should not exceed 115 cm in the sum of 3 dimensions).

If the weight of the animal is more than 12 kg, then transportation is allowed in a heated luggage compartment.

You can arrange transportation:

  • on the site in Order Search
  • via call center
When ordering the service "Animal in the cabin" or "Animal in the luggage", confirmation of transportation occurs automatically (depending on the availability of seats). You do not need to additionally contact the company to coordinate the transportation.

It is obligatory to pass the veterinary control before the flight. To do this, you must have documents with you (a veterinary passport or a certificate from a veterinary office) confirming that the animal is healthy.

On the necessary vaccinations by age, you can consult at any veterinary clinic or at the veterinary office at the airport of departure.

We do not carry brachycephalic dogs in our hold, only certain types of animals are accepted, and some of our aircraft do not have provisions for pets.

For more information about the rules for transporting animals, see website.

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