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I am flying with an animal. How to arrange transportation?

Pets weighing up to 12 kg, together with their cage/carrier, can be accepted for carriage in the aircraft cabin.

If the weight of the animal is more than 12 kg, then transportation is allowed in a heated luggage compartment.

Please note that the Airbas A320neo cabins do not have a luggage compartment heating system, so the transportation of an animal in the luggage compartment depends on the temperature regime and the season on this type of aircraft. In the cold season - prohibited.

For carriage in the cabin, the dimensions of the carrier must not exceed 115 cm in the sum of three dimensions.

You can arrange transportation:

  • on site
  • via call center

It is obligatory to pass the veterinary control before the flight. For this, documents are required (veterinary passport, certificate from a veterinary office or a mark on a ticket from a veterinary office) confirming that the animal is healthy.

You can consult about the necessary vaccinations at any veterinary clinic or at the veterinary office at the airport of departure.

We do not carry dogs of brachycephalic breeds in the baggage compartment, specific types of animals are accepted for transportation.

For more information about the rules for transporting animals, see website.

The passenger takes responsibility for the transportation of the animal on his own. The airline may refuse to transport an animal in case of non-compliance with the rules of carriage.

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