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What documents do I need to attach to the claim?

List of documents attached to the claim:

  1. If your baggage is lost:

    Download the Lost Baggage Claim Form.

  2. If your baggage is damaged:
    • air ticket (electronic ticket);
    • boarding pass;
    • tear-off baggage tag coupon;
    • luggage damage report;
    • photos of damaged luggage;
    • a document confirming the cost of repairing the suitcase (cash or sales receipt, or a certificate from an authorized repair organization), or a document confirming the impossibility of repairing if repair is not possible;
    • full details of the passenger's bank account for the transfer of monetary compensation.

    Download Baggage Damage Claim Form.

  3. When a flight is delayed:

    Download flight delay claim form.

  4. Other documents confirming the stated requirements (payment for a hotel, meals, travel by other transport, etc.)

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